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Journey Worm, Creek Play, and Leaf Piñata

This morning began with us listening to the birds and exploring the creek. We shared gratitudes at opening circle, and Quin was thankful for the trees and the wind. We also talked about the moon and the different phases of the moon. Then Miss Brinkley read a story about some forest animals.

Today we had a lot of creative play with some camouflage games, rides in the "rainbow car" and fairy house building. Scarlet especially likes building fairy houses! Scarlett, Dan, and Miss Brinkley found an inchworm when they were building their house! It was really fun to let the worm inch along our hands and arms. Dan named it "Journey Worm". Each of the children took turns holding the worm, and there were so many squeals of delight!

Bodhi really enjoyed playing with sticks that he found in the woods, and he started pretending that a vine was a piñata. This led to Miss Hannah building a pinata out of sticks and leaves. The children really enjoyed hitting the piñata and seeing the leaves fly.

In the afternoon we played in the creek. There was a lot of laughter as we splashed in the water. At closing circle, we shared our highlights of the day. Playing in the creek always seems to be a highlight!

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