Summer Camp Gear List

What to Bring:
  • Kid sized daypack/backpack 

  • Full water bottle

  • Snack and Lunch - nutrient dense/low sugar food is best, as we are very active at camp

  • Bathing suit under shorts and tshirt

  • Long-sleeved sunshirt (quick dry shirt for sun protection). This can be packed in the backpack, instead of worn to camp, as they can be hot when not wet.

  • Hat

  • Water shoes with strap

  • Towel

  • A full change of clothes in labeled, water resistant bag - wet clothes will be placed in the bag after changing to be sent home. 

  • Anything your child needs to be comfortable in the outdoors

Lunch & Snack:

Please pack both a snack and lunch each day.


Lunch should ideally contain a vegetable, fruit, grain, and protein. Please do not send any desserts, cookies, chocolate, or other sugary items for lunch or snack. Students are very active throughout the day at Nature Connect and need complex, whole-foods for optimal energy.


Please do not pack any beverages other than water. It’s important for children to stay hydrated during our programs, and having other drinks can distract them from drinking enough water. 


Please apply sunscreen before arriving each day at camp. We will also reapply sunscreen periodically throughout the day.

Please make sure that your child's clothes are clothes that can get dirty. Nature Connect staff are not responsible for stained or damaged items. Labeling all personal items is a great idea.

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to contact us. Thank you!

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