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Fun After the Rain

We were so glad to see the sunshine after all the rain! It seemed that the birds were happy, too! All different kinds of birds were singing as we entered the woods this morning. We discovered that there was a lot of water in the creek, and there was even a little waterfall! We splashed around in the water and made leaf and stick boats. We also found some raccoon tracks! It was so interesting to see how the water moved when we shifted the sand around in the creek. We practiced building dams out of different materials. Quin especially enjoyed that!

At Opening Circle we heard many different types of birds. It sounded like a chorus! We had a conversation about beavers, and Miss Brinkley told a story about her visit to a beaver dam last week. She also brought some sticks that had beaver chew marks on them. We looked at the teeth marks and imagined how the beavers might gnaw the branches.

When we arrived at our stick shelter, the children entered into their own creative play and imaginative games. We also played a game called Otter Steals Fish which transformed into a couple of us being bobcats and the rest of us being rabbits. It is so fun to act like animals! Next we gathered items for our valentine cards. Lucas really enjoyed this activity and added multiple different types of leaves to his card.

At lunch we read some books about beavers and the signs they leave behind them. Then, we each found our sit spot, a routine that we try to do each week. At our sit spot, we observe the woods around us for a short period of time before we come together and share stories about what we noticed. Today Salem thought he heard an eagle!

On our way out of the woods we pretended that we were a caterpillar. It was really fun to take turns being the leader and guiding our friends out of the woods. At Closing Circle we shared our highlights of the day. Playing in the creek was a highlight for us all. Water is so much fun!

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