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Animal Games, Raindrops, and Storytelling

This morning began with a game that Alice created called foxes. We all pretended that we were foxes, and it was a game similar to tag. Alice really enjoyed walking like a fox!

We ventured further into the forest and along the way we spotted all types of mushrooms! We even found one that had been nibbled.

At opening circle we shared our gratitudes for the day and played a game called Raccoon Touch. The children were blindfolded while Miss Brinkley placed a nature item in their hands. The children felt the texture of the item and tried to guess what was in their hand. This game was very exciting, and it was really hard not to peek!

The children then entered into their own creative play. Lucas worked on our teepee structure, and Alice built a little house at the base of a tree.

At snack time, Miss Brinkley told a story about a little boy venturing into the ocean to meet a sea turtle. The children really loved this story and decided they wanted to walk and sleep like turtles on the trail.

We hiked down a new trail today and discovered a pool of rainwater in a tree. We used our discovery scopes to magnify a little swimming creature that we collected!

We practiced tree climbing on the downed log before lunch. During lunch it started to rain! We listened to the raindrops as they splashed on the leaves in the forest. It was such a beautiful sound!

The children were ready for another story. So, we made a tent out of our lunch blanket, and Miss Brinkley told some more stories.

We ventured down the trail in the sprinkling rain until we got to the pavilion where we read a book about animals and their tracks. Lucas especially enjoyed all the stories today.

We discovered a moss monster on the trail!

At our closing circle, we shared highlights of the day. We are excited for the next class!

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