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Gray Squirrels: Week Seven - Clay Creations and Wildlife

What a beautiful, warm, overcast fall day! We took full advantage of the weather with pond explorations, making clay creations and meeting some fun animal allies!

Clay mud makes great facepaint!

Plant Concentration game helps us learn how to look at the details of all the plants around us. Participants get 15 seconds to look at the design Ms. Britt created and then can work by themselves or with a partner to re-create it on their own. There are so many leaves that look similar!

What is that?! A lobster? A shrimp? We had fun using our question skills to find out what kind of creature this was. Where do lobsters and shrimp live? What is the ocean like water like? What is this water like? Well, can't be a lobster, since this is a fresh water pond...Its a Crawfish!

Is this fungus or a flower growing on a cypress twig?

Clay Creations! We are going to let them dry until next week and then fire them in our campfire!

Wood shavings work really well as whiskers!

Pond Protector!

Are they Gray Squirrels or Cats?

Our first animal visitor for the day was a beautiful salamander!

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