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Herons: Week Seven - Tarp Shelters, Games & Wood Carving

Today was rainy and on the chilly side, but that didn't slow us down. Everyone was prepared with extra layers and rain gear, and we warmed up quickly with several rounds of "Fire in the Forest" to get our blood moving. We also put up tarp shelters for rain protection, and started a friction fire for extra warmth. While some of us continued to play games, others worked on primitive crafts around the fire: basket twining and wood carving. We learned how to use knives safely, and practiced making wooden spoons - a project that takes a lot of patience and may take several sessions to complete.

After lunch we went on a wander by the swamp and played "The Wildlife is Watching" to practice our hiding skills. We had a beautiful day, and it's always nice to receive these reminders that as long as you are prepared, you can be comfortable outdoors in all conditions.

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