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Tadpoles: Week Seven - Mud, Mushrooms and Acorns!

The woods are such a fascinating place in the rain! The sounds were different, the colors were different and there was so much mud to play in! Our rain gear kept us dry and warm while we explored and created.

On our way to the swamp, we noticed that there were so many different kinds of mushrooms! Why are they coming up this time of year? Has someone been eating them?

Crossing the log bridge in the swamp.

There was so much mud!

The rain cleared up and Ember still had pockets full of acorns from several weeks ago. While cracking them open with two rocks, we discovered that many of them had big, fat, acorn weevils in them! They were so much bigger than the ones we found a few weeks ago.

Of course we couldn't head home for the day without playing on the sandhill and we learned some fun new songs while we walked through the woods.

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