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Tadpoles: Week Six - Fallings Leaves and Climbing Trees

What a beautiful day! The yellow leaves falling made a beautiful sound and the trees are full of color. We had a fun day with lots of free playing and exploring what our bodies are capable of!

We first stopped by our favorite sandhill and realized that it was the perfect spot to try and catch leaves!

After snack, we went on an exploration and found a cool sand bank with lots of roots that made it easy to climb!

On the other side of the sandbank was another cool climbing spot - an old fallen log! This was a little hard for some of us, but we trusted our bodies and what we were comfortable doing and didn't climb higher than we wanted to.

We ended our day with a final climbing expedition in one of our favorite cedar trees. The mosquitos were so aggressive that we even had a small fire challenge to begin learning about how to build a fire safely.

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