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Tadpoles: Week 4- Natural Pigments!

We had a small class today, but that didn't dampen our fun! Keeping with the theme for this week, we explored Natural Pigments. Using the items that the Gray Squirrels collected the day before, we decorated our journal covers. We had so much fun crushing chalk as part of the recipe! After we used up the remaining natural pigment items, we began to explore combining different colors of chalk. We used those different color combinations to decorate the inside of our journal. What happens when blue is mixed with red? What about if we add green?

After lunch and a story, we finished up the day with a long wander. We headed out in a direction we had never gone before. We found a HUGE stash of acorns. They were all different colors and we could even see some of them on the tree! Why were they different colors? Did they come from the same tree? Could we tell by how heavy they were if there was a worm inside?

We explored tramping through the woods to take a shortcut to a different trail. It was so much fun to wander without a particular destination in mind!

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