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After School: Week Five - Nature Journals & Scavenger Hunt

At Opening Circle today we shared gratitudes, and then received our very own Nature Journals to use at Nature Connect for the rest of the semester! On the first page of the journals was a scavenger hunt filled with items we could try to find in the park, and use our journals to log. Some were relatively easy to find, like animal tracks (there are lots of dogs that frequent the park!), and some were more challenging, like a bird's nest. Those of us who are still working on reading skills were able to receive help with words from older kids in the group, which is a great learning experience for both. The cover of the journals were made with paper bags, which provides two pockets for holding on to keepsake nature items. We talked about how we can take things from nature that are no longer living, but how we never take living plants or animals from their homes.

After searching around the Sand Pit for a while, some of us wanted to split off and head to the pond to look for a turtle, which was one of the trickier items on the list. Others stayed behind to either work more on our journals, climb trees, or play chasing games with our friends. At closing circle we shared pages from our journals, and learned that the turtle seekers had found success at the pond! It was a fun day, and we look forward to working on our journals more in the weeks to come!

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