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Summer Camp 2017

Monday – Montrose

Sensory Awareness Games – practiced listening with “deer ears” and walking with “fox feet”

Leaf Scavenger Hunt – find two different kinds of leaves with your partner and bring to the circle

Opening Circle – Welcome, Story about Place, Leaf ID and discussion, Share your name and favorite animal, agreements

Play Game – Fishtails

Snack then Wander/Explore the Beach

Found the clay wall, collected clay to make art

Found artesian well, discussion about that

Animal Tracking – Bobcat or Fox?

Collected little crabs and made pools for them in the rocks

Swam in the bay – water games


More swimming and exploring

Made art out of clay

Wander back to boardwalk

Closing circle – highlights ​​

Tuesday – 17 Turtles Outfitters, Fairhope

Used nets to catch crabs and minnows off docks at 17 Turtles Outfitters

Opening Circle – Movement, Game, Tree-pose balance exercise, Sun Salutations, Gratitudes, Sensory Meditation

Play on the Beach – swimming, watching Great Blue Heron, Discussion about tides


Canoe orientation – split into paddling teams

Paddle down Fly Creek – practice communicating to steer together

Lunch on the creek bank

Paddle back to 17 Turtles

More play on the beach

“Otter Steals Fish” game – Sensory awareness game

Swimming, exploring

Closing Circle – Highlights

Wednesday – Montrose

Creek Exploration – Challenge to see how many critters you can find; caught tadpoles, frogs, and salamanders; saw spiders – one was actively building her web!

Experimented with redirecting flow of water with rocks and leaves

Built sand “city” complete with driftwood walls and a snack table

Made “frog” houses in the sand and decorated them with stones, pinecones, shells, and plants

Lunch and wildlife stories

Swimming, Water Games

Geology discussion

Closing Circle – Highlights, Stories

Thursday – Montrose

Opening Circle – Gratitudes, Yoga/Movement

Sensory awareness games – Practiced using our “owl eyes”, “deer ears”, and “fox feet”

Made fishing poles out of bamboo

More work on sand “city” – great team building. Worked together to divide different jobs.

Discovered and created a clay slide!

Seine Net, Cast Net – caught minnows, shrimp, and crabs!

Lunch under Magnolia trees

Observed Canada Geese and tried to get close to them

Found a dead stingray on the beach

Creek Exploration – found a different species of frog!

Closing Circle – Highlights of the day

Friday – Montrose

Opening Circle – Gratitudes, Sensory Meditation

Nature awareness games

Build a fire to fire our clay pots, practice starting fire with flint and steel, fire song

Seine Net, Cast Net – Caught minnows, shrimp, and crabs!

Worked on “Sand City”


Learned invisibility techniques and tried to find local fox kits

Sit Spot – quiet time to observe your surroundings

Creek Exploration – more salamanders and frogs

Closing Circle – Thank you and highlights of


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