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Step 2:

After submitting your application you will receive a registration confirmation email

For new preschool and homeschool students, we will also then schedule a school tour/interview with your family. If you do not receive this email within one week, please contact us here. You'll also receive an invoice for the registration fee, which will secure your child's spot in the program.

Step 3:

Setup your Procare account. You will receive an email inviting you to join Procare, a convenient app/website we use to stay connected with Nature Connect families. This is our main communication platform. This is where you fill out your child's medical information, contact information, as well as approve caregivers for picking up your child. This is also where you will make payments and receive updates from facilitators about your child's program throughout the year. 

Step 4:

You will receive an orientation email prior to the start date of your child's program containing important information such as driving and drop-off directions, gear lists, payment information, school calendar, parent handbook, and other paperwork. Most of this information can be found through our parent page, but please contact us if you have any pressing questions.

Some programs may have an in-person orientation prior to the start of program. Information about the location, date and time will be sent to you via email if applicable.

Step 5:

Get excited! We look forward to seeing you and your child on the first day of program. 

Application Process

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