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Adventures After School

We begin with an Opening Circle where we shared gratitudes for the day and went over our community agreements. We also welcomed two new teachers today - Elizabeth and Savannah! Then we played a game of Foxtails, which is a cooperative game full of laughter and running. Afterwards, we went to the beach and started on an adventure to the north of the park. Along the way, we ran into some people who were fishing. The kids were excited to see and learn about redfish!

The kids also discovered a tree with great roots to climb! This turned into a nature jungle gym for a good part of the afternoon.

We explored under a very big pine tree and old Magnolia tree where we found some Wisteria! Olivia said it was her mother's favorite flower, and she was excited to show the other children.

We also learned about Pennywort, a common plant that grows in our area.

On the walk back, we found a vine swing!

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